About Ambient XVI: Hunstanton 2

‘Cliffs’ by Andy Murkin

Ambient XVI features more soundscapes created from the recordings made in Hunstanton in 2016 and 2019, first used on the album AMBIENT XIV: 3 Soundscapes.

Recording dates: 11.9.16; 19.9.19.

Microphones: Electret microphones and preamp by Ian Brady; Self-adapted Roland WPM-10 WearPro earbud microphones and preamp.

Recorder: Marantz PMD660.

Editing applications: Audacity on Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro; Apple Logic Express on Apple MacBook with low-cut or high-pass filter on some recordings; Pure Data patch: Black Widow Sample Player on Apple MacBook; SonicWorx Artist on MacBook Pro with OS9 emulator.

Released: 2022

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