About The Ouse Washes Project

Photograph by Paul Stevens

The Ouse Washes Project was my first Soundscape project, and my first sound or music project using field recordings I had made myself.

My intention was to create a portrait in sound of the Ouse Washes area, using recordings made at significant points along its length from Hermitage Lock, Earith in the south to Salter’s Lode in the north – although in the event my most northerly recordings were made at the Denver Sluice complex.

To make the recordings I used a pair of microphones made by Ian Brady of the Wildlife Sound Recording Society and a Marantz PMD660 recorder – not one of the ones currently recommended by the Society, but it was comparatively cheap second-hand, and seemed to do the job!

All the recordings were made with that equipment, and the resulting files were edited using the applications Audacity and Logic.

In the past I have also enjoyed creating new sounds by manipulating music and sound files, so I also did that with recordings I had made for The Ouse Washes Project. I used an application of my own, created with the graphical program Pure Data, which I called the Black Widow, as it was controlled by an aircraft simulation game controller by that name; two applications by Karlheinz Essl, called fLOW and REplay PLAYer; an application called Sapling, by Sineqube; an application for extreme time stretching, called TimeToyXtreme by Low North; and two ‘outboard’ devices, a Behringer Tweakalizer and a modified Mattell UCreate Music.

All sounds recorded, edited, arranged and produced by Andy Murkin.

Released: 2017

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