About The Sutton Project

Photograph by Paul Stevens

All the tracks were digitally recorded and edited by Andy Murkin, using the equipment described on the pages for each disc, and produced on an Apple MacBook Pro. The recordings were mostly made after the conclusion of The Ouse Washes Project, from 2017-2020.

The difference between The Sutton Project and The Ouse Washes Project is that not all the recordings were made with conventional microphones. A number of them employ alternative, often self-made, recording methods, including contact microphones, hydrophones, ultrasonic and electro-magnetic induction pickups, and a binaural dummy head microphone.

In this way, aspects of the Sutton soundscape not immediately apparent to the human ear are revealed.

On Discs 1 – 3 the only post-recording effects used are the occasional high and low pass filter; on Disc 4 other, more dramatic, effects are used, as described.

Released: 2020

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