The Ouse Washes Project III

Photograph by Paul Stevens
01 The Ouse Washes Alternative Soundscape

All the material is based on field recordings made in the Ouse Washes area between August 2015 and August 2016, using a Marantz PMD660 recorder and external microphones made by Ian Brady. The original 48k WAV files were transferred to a MacBook and edited using Audacity and Logic.

Like the original Ouse Washes Soundscape, the Alternative Soundscape is composed of continuous sections, here recorded at the following locations: Hermitage Lock, Earith; Rookery, Block Fen Road; Sutton Gault; Mepal village; Welches Dam; Pymoor Viaduct; WWT Welney; and Denver Sluice.

In this case, however, most of the original sound files have been manipulated in different ways, as they have with the seven remaining tracks on this disc, using all or some of the following applications: fLOW and REplay PLAYER by Karlheinz Essl; Sapling by Sineqube; Time Toy Xtreme by LowNorth; and The Black Widow Sample Player by Andy Murkin. Outboard devices used were a Behringer Tweakalizer and a modified Mattell UCreate Music.

02 Earith, Hermitage Lock
03 Rooks #1
04 Sutton Gault Revisited
05 Mepal Traffic, Sutton Water
06 Welches Dam
07 Pymoor Viaduct
08 Swans #2

All sounds recorded, edited, arranged and produced by Andy Murkin.

Cover photograph by Paul Stevens.

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