The Ouse Washes Project IV

Photograph by Paul Stevens

All the material is based on field recordings made in the Ouse Washes area between August 2015 and August 2016, using a Marantz PMD660 recorder and external microphones made by Ian Brady. The original 48k WAV files were transferred to a MacBook and edited using Audacity and Logic.

The files were manipulated using different real-time processing methods. Applications used include all or some of the following: fLOW and REplay PLAYER by Karlheinz Essl; Sapling by Sineqube; Time Toy Xtreme by LowNorth; and The Black Widow Sample Player by Andy Murkin. Outboard devices used were a Behringer Tweakalizer and a modified Mattell UCreate Music. The resultant files were also edited using Audacity and Logic.

01 Rooks #2
02 Swans #3
03 Alien Landscape 7

All sounds recorded, edited, arranged and produced by Andy Murkin.

Cover photograph by Paul Stevens.

You can also listen to these pieces accompanied by a specially made film here.

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